Club Rules

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1.      The name of the Club shall be Watford Underwater Club, B.S.A.C. Branch 660.


2.      The objects of the Club shall be to further all forms of underwater activity.


3.      The management of the Club shall be vested in the General Committee comprising a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Welfare Officer, Diving Officer (the aforesaid to be current members of BSAC) and two other members, these to be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The General Committee members will all be fully paid up members of WUC at the time of standing for office. The Safety Officer (who is appointed by the Diving Officer) and the Boat Commander (who is appointed by the Boat Handlers) have the right to attend all General Committee meetings without voting rights

4. The General Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees for special purposes.  The constitution and functions of each Sub-Committee shall be decided at the time of appointment.

5. All Club activities shall be authorised by either the General Committee or the Sub-Committee, who will appoint an organiser for each activity.


6. Membership & Protection of Vulnerable Persons

All members will undertake to safeguard the welfare of all vulnerable people and will follow the guidance provided within BSAC safeguarding and and other relevant policies.

The BSAC policies are subject to change from time to time and as they are updated the club would automatically be subject to those changes.

7. Full Membership shall be open to all persons who have attained the age recommended by BSAC – at the Diving Officer’s discretion and subject to approval of the General Committee. Full members must satisfactorily complete a UK Sports Diver Medical Form and entrance-swimming test (if required). Joint Diving Membership will be open to partners and children of Full members, living at the same address and subject to the same conditions as Full Members.

8.  Snorkel Membership shall be extended to all partners and children of Full Members, ex-diving Members, or people approved by the General Committee, who have attained the age recommended by BSAC. Snorkel Members shall have no voting rights on Club matters.  They will not be entitled to use the Club equipment or partake in Club dives.  They will be allowed to swim in the pool, but may be requested to leave the water if the pool is needed for the training of Full Members

9.  Any Member who disobeys the instruction of an organiser of a Club activity shall be subject to a report by the organiser to the General Committee, who will have the power to suspend the member or request their resignation from the Club.  If the member is one of the General Committee that Member will not be present at the enquiry unless required by the General Committee.

10.  Any member of Sports Diver standard or over who leaves the Club temporarily may, on rejoining the Club, ask for their previous standard of diving tests to be taken into account by the General Committee.

11.  The subscription and joining fee (if any) for the following year shall be fixed at each October Quarterly Meeting. No person shall be permitted to take part in any activities of the Club unless the subscription is paid within a set time limit

12.  Subscriptions are due on the 1st February. Any Member failing to pay in full by the end of February will forfeit membership, and will be required to make a new application and pay the appropriate late payment/rejoining fee.


13. The Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the club.  Disbursements from club funds shall be by discretion of the General Committee.  Club funds shall be deposited with a bank or building society with a branch in Watford. The Treasurer or his appointed assistant shall sign all cheques and pay bills electronically. The Treasurer shall submit an audited statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting.


14.  An independent Auditor appointed by the General Committee shall audit the accounts.


15.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the 31st January each year to receive the Annual Report, the Statement of Accounts, to elect Officers and the General Committee, and to conduct such other business as may be necessary.  A quorum shall consist of a minimum of 10 persons.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting, together with any proposed changes to rules and vacant committee posts to be circulated to members at least fourteen days before the meeting.

16.  Special General Meetings may be called for any special purpose by the General Committee, or by a requisition signed by not less than 10 Members.  A requisitioned meeting shall be called within fourteen days of receipt of a requisition and no other business but that for which it is called may be voted upon.


17.  The General Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies, which may occur on the General Committee, or the Sub-Committee.


18.  The use of equipment, which the Club possesses, is restricted to full members on bona fide activities organised by the Club, and its use will be entirely under the orders of the organiser of the activity, whose orders are at all times to be rigidly obeyed.  (Where Club equipment is used, the Club may make a charge to offset servicing and consumables costs and take deposit against loss or damage).  The same applies to equipment put at the disposal of members of training centres, or at swimming pools, which are hired especially for the use of members.

Interpretation of Rules

19.  The General Committee shall decide any question, which may arise as to the interpretation of these Rules.


20.  The General Committee shall decide any contingency that may arise and is not covered by the Rules.

Alteration of Rules

21.  These Rules may not be altered, added to or deleted, except at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.  The Secretary must receive any proposed alteration in time for circulation to all members’ 14 days before the meeting.


22.  While every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of members, the Club cannot accept any responsibilities whatsoever for personal loss or injury.

Honorary Appointments

23.  A Patron, President, Vice-president and Honorary Members may be elected by two-thirds majority vote of the General Committee. A Committee Member may recommend an honorary appointment on the basis of the benefit that person can bring or has brought to the Club.

Officers, Elected and Appointed

24.  Notice of vacant committee positions and invitations for proposals to fill those, or to contest any occupied positions, will be sent to the members at least fourteen days before the Annual or Special General Meeting.

Any vacant position not notified at that time will not be voted upon at the meeting, but will be postponed until a Special General Meeting can be arranged.

25.  No Club Member shall hold any one office on the General Committee for longer than three years. However, if a position is not filled at AGM, then the incumbent officer may (should they wish) retain the position until a suitable replacement is appointed. An incumbent Officer may apply to take up any other position on the General Committee and if elected, the three years would start again.

26.  Election of Diving Officer.  Any BSAC First Class or Advanced Diver may stand for election as Diving Officer.  The nominees will then be elected by the Club Membership of Club Diver Grade (or equivalent grade) or above at the Annual General Meeting.  The Diving Officer will be a member of the General Committee.

27.  Any member wishing to stand for a committee position that is uncontested shall not be elected if they receive a vote of less than 50% of members attending the AGM.  This condition will not apply if that member is already a serving committee member.

Insurance and Medical

28.  Any person not holding a BSAC qualification at the time of joining or renewal must show a valid insurance certificate equal to or greater than, the one supplied by BSAC.

29.  All club members wishing to take part in club diving activities must comply with the Medical Requirements currently stipulated by the BSAC.

Watford Underwater Club Rules as amended by the SGM 29th  July 2010