Back to diving

Mark (DO) Madley and I spent yesterday sorting out the boat now that it has been fully serviced. The boat was launched so we could adjust the trailer axles and we gave it a run around Swanage Bay. All working as it should and we hope to have the new GPS shortly.

We are now ready to resume diving activities, Mark has circulated a list of dates and we just need to sign up for some of the dates proposed by Mark and we can get in the water.

For those of you not used to Swanage diving, we launch the boat from the boat park but most people will park on the pier (if there is space) and we pick you up from the steps by the toilets. Divers Down is on the pier and semi-dry suits can be hired from them (call in advance to confirm availability) and gas fills can be purchased. Cost for a day parking on the pier is the same as the car park fee and there is less lugging of kit involved but you will need to arrive early on a weekend to get a space.

Although Mark and I managed to launch the boat ourselves, additional hands makes it quicker. It also helps you familiarise yourself with the boat operation in preparation for becoming a boat handler.

We like to dive on neap tides, the best weekends this year are

June 5/6, 19/20

July 3/4, 18/19, 31

August 1,29/30

September 14/15, 28/29

October 2/3, 16, 30,31

So start making those plans, build up the Brownie Points at home and let us know when you are ready to dive.