Tenerife Sting Rays

When on holiday, I am allowed 2 or 3 days diving away from the family. In Tenerife I dived with the PADI/BSAC dive centre at Los Gigantos. I had a couple of days of ok diving where even the ‘Dive with Rays’ session was a bit of a disappointment, the chum fell into a hole and all we could see was the tail end of a couple of Atlantic Rays chomping at the chum.

On the final day the centre was busy training but they allowed me and a British ex-pat to dive by ourselves. What started as a pleasant bimble at 20m past pipe fish and the obligatory trail of fish waiting for us to dismember an urchin suddenly turned into a festival of rays.

Sting Rays, Eagle Rays and eventually Atlantic Rays were just swimming around us, for what appeared to be pure curiosity. At one point a ray came to look in the camera lens, still a memorable day even 8 years on.