Training Courses

Watford Underwater Club has a number of fully qualified Open Water Instructors and we carry out courses for:

  • Ocean Diver
  • Sports Diver
  • Dive Leader
  • Advanced Diver

Costs for these courses are £100 each plus the costs of training manuals, in addition to current membership costs listed in the Membership section. A typical Ocean Diver course would cost approximately £380 for a first time member. Unlike some clubs, all equipment with the exception of wetsuits and drysuits is provided free of charge for the duration of the Ocean Diver course.


  • Experience Snorkelling

From 2013 we are offering a one evening Experience Snorkelling session. Cost Age 16 and over £15. Age 6 to 15 years £10. Must be able to swim 2 lengths unaided. An 'Experience Snorkel' certificate will be issued.

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  • Practical pool lessons are held each Thursday at Watford Leisure Centre-Central, from 21:00 to 22:00
  • Classroom lessons are normally held on Thursday nights in the class room from 20.00.
  • Open Water Training and assessments will generally be held at weekends at a suitable inland site.
  • Skill Development Courses (SDCs), are offered by the BSAC to supplement diver training. These cover other subject areas such as Rescue, Diving skills, Seamanship, and Marine Science, First Aid, Search and Recovery techniques, Boat handling, and Marine Life Identification. Some of these are run within the branch, and others by the Regional Coaching Team and BSAC schools at weekends.