Taking up full membership

To take up full membership, you must complete a self certification medical form. There are few disqualifying conditions, but if you suffer from Asthma, Epilepsy, Cardiac conditions, Diabetes, Perforated Eardrums or are taking specific medication you will have to consult one of BS-AC’s Medical Referees.

The annual subscription Is in two parts - the BS-AC HQ subscription and the Branch subscription. Branches collect both parts from members when they join or renew their membership. New members will receive a Diving Manual, Qualification Logbook, and Student Workbook for their course. The level of a Branch subscription is determined by the Branch Committee and  reflects annual costs. Youth membership of the club is open to those between the ages of 12+ and 18. There are youth, family and abated memberships at reduced rates. Fees are calulated on a February annual common renewal date. 

Membership costs

Full Annual Membership fees (March 2016)

  • BSAC Subscription - £56.50
  • WUC Membership - £155.00

TOTAL - £211.50

There are reduced rates for Snorkel members, Joint Members (family rate) and junior members.

Course fees are extra

A new join would typically pay approximately £380 for all memberships, Ocean Diver course fees,  manuals and use of kit in the pool.