About the Club

The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)  was founded in 1953. It currently has about 29,000 members in 1100 branches throughout the world. BSAC is the largest single diving club in the world, and is recognised as the UK's governing body for Underwater sports. It is a founder member of CMAS, the World Underwater Federation. BSAC consists of virtually autonomous branches providing organisation, running, and development of the branch under BSAC basic rules. This diversity of experience has undoubtedly been one of its greatest strengths. BSAC instructors freely provide their services to new members and this unbeatable system is totally unfair to any commercially run rival. BSAC provides advice, specialist courses, a national network of Regional Coaches and a standard of training internationally recognised as producing competent and safe divers. It also organises national events and conferences and provides a powerful voice to lobby on behalf of divers.

BSAC Membership

Members join the BSAC through one of its branches. The benefits are :-

  • A copy of ‘Sport Diving’, the BSAC’s basic diving manual.
  • Public liability insurance cover up to £10,000,000.
  • 12 monthly copies of ‘SCUBA’ magazine, the Journal of the BSAC
  • Sport diving training in accordance with an internationally recognised and admired system.
  • A Qualification Record Logbook enabling you to hire diving equipment and dive with other agencies abroad.

BSAC Branches can offer

  • Internationally recognised diving qualifications
  • Nationally qualified instructors, dive leaders and dive organisers
  • People to dive with
  • A friendly social environment for training, diving, and recreation
  • Equipment, boats, scuba kit etc. for training and diving.
  • Regular Branch meetings, open water dives and diving holidays with friends

Watford Branch 660.

Watford Branch was formed in 1956 and although independent for a while, eventually became the 660th branch of the BSAC. Membership averages at around 30 which makes us a medium sized branch. BSAC has a limited say in how we run ourselves as long as we keep to the basic rules governing training and qualification standards. The Branch has its own Constitution/ Rules and an elected Executive Committee. Our main base is Watford Leisure Centre-Central, from 20:30 to 22:00 on Thurday evenings where we have an equipment store, pool use and classroom for theory lessons and meetings.

Our “Dive Boat” an Atlantic 21 RIB called "Watford Diver" is mainly used out of Portland and can carry up to 8 divers with kit and cox’n. It has a 150HP V6 engine and auxilliary and is equiped with GPS, Echo Sounder, VHF Radio and two Oxygen kits.

The ages of our members ranges from school students to those into retirement. Single persons, married couples and families are also part of what we think is a socially rewarding environment. Although a predominently male sport we have about 20% of female members covering the full range of diving grades.

While BSAC mandates that each branch should have at least one nationally qualified Instructor, we have 2 Open Water Instructors and 5 Assistant Instructors. This means a high standard of training, and helps ensure a wide range of diving from shallow shore dives to dives on deep offshore wrecks. Although most of our diving is carried out from Dorset, we often run diving expeditions to other areas such as Oban Scotland, Farne Islands Northumberland, Plymouth, Cornwall and inland locations such as Stoney Cove. Going further afield, members have dived in Malta, Goa, Gozo, the Red Sea, the Maldives, Jamaica, St Lucia, Cayman Islands, Thailand, Ibiza, Greece, Minorca, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Florida, and even in New Zealand and Australia.

Our safety record is excellent, which reflects the careful and thorough training we give.

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